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Hungarian Industry Day

2015. January 16.

Dear Cluster Members!

The Cooperating Entrepreneurs' Organization (Együttműködő Vállalkozók Szervezete – EVSZ) is organizing the Hungarian Industry Day for the first time this year, on 20. February 2015. The event offers a wide range for manufacturers, producers and traders to obtain important professional information, to expand their market opportunities, to become acquainted with each other and to develop cooperations.

As a member of the Hungarian Innovative Construction Open Cluster (MIÉNK), You will also be able to attend the professional event, present the values of Your organization, Your work, Your achievements, and You may even become the key strategic partner of the event, or become a supporting partner.

An emphasized strategic partner can become the organization who considers the initiative good, agrees with the objectives of the meeting, further undertakes that through the communication channels it enters directly, and inform its partners from the meetings or it offers to the leaders of large companies, who are open to suppliers.

Therefore, one of the leaders of the organization provides free participation at the event, who can place out roll-ups and flyers. The organization's logo appears on the EVSZ's Preparing Website as a Featured Strategic Partner, and it will be shown in the spring edition of the Hungarian Business World (Magyar Üzleti Világ).

A supportive partner can be the organization who likes the initiative, agrees with the goals of the meeting, but does not intend to contribute to the promotion of this meeting. Therefore, the organization logo will appear as a Supporting Partner on their website.

The planned program of the Hungarian Industry Day:

  • Official greetings
  • Exclusive presentations on trends, breakouts, development and tendering opportunities.
  • Supplier forum between big companies and industrial SMEs.
  • Workshop - useful information, solutions, methods, tools for industrial companies.
  • Business lunch.
  • Face-to-face  negotiations - in a controlled way: the participating companies select in advance who they want to negotiate.
  • Industrial success stories - From whom you can learn
  • Official closing the meeting

Date: 20. February 2015.

Place:  Airport Hotel Stáció**** - Vecsés

You can apply formeeting on: budai.edit [at] email address. Please also inform the cluster too on: info [at] email address for your participation.

Best regards,
MIÉNK Klaszter