The MIÉNK Klaszter (Cluster) is a development concept for positioning Hungarian construction companies in the domestic and Central European region, to strengthen their market positions. It is a combination  on which Hungarian businesses had been working and keep working for a long time, according to specific guidelines:

  • Quality work
  • Reliable performance
  • Own resources (human and device)
  • Expertise
  • Human values
  • Innovative thinking.
  • Innovation opportunities.

These criteria give the short and long term goals and programs of the MIÉNK Klaszter. Even the acronym itself is talkative, each letter having special significance.

  • "M" as  "Magyar" (Hungarian): The main goal of the MIÉNK Klaszter is to build a building force, that is of a Hungarian owned companies , typically producing in Hungary, combines Hungarian labor and tools and asset companies, to join forces. Suitable companies with the outstanding quality work, ready  for strategic projects and tasks in the coming years.
  • "I" as "Innovatív" (Innovative): In this cluster, members continuously develop their products and services, and – among other things – their innovative spirit distinguishes them from their competitors. Placing innovation on a common platform, sharing experiences and technologies can result in invaluable competitive advantages.
  • "É" as "Építőipar" (Building industry): Maybe that's the word that needs the least explanation. We are all part of this industry. The industry that has a decisive influence on Hungary's economic judgment and its indicators.
  • "N" as "Nyílt" (Open): The membership of any company is welcome by the Cluster, which meets the criteria listed above, and undertake responsibility its presence of a new construction factor and its participation.
  • "K" as "Klaszter" (Cluster): And this is an internationally accepted economic association, where common goals can be achieved.

We offer our partners:

  • The complete verticality of construction, from the idea to implementation.
  • Most modern technologies and construction solutions. The priority is best value for money.
  • Own tools,  and human resources.
  • A pure business model that eliminates the chances of blackwork and chain of debt.
  • Over 30 years of professional experience.
  • Implementation of international projects in Central-Eastern Europe.

For our future Members:

  • Establishment of a national economic force starting at the regional level and which can grow to an international dimension.
  • Creating a synergistic community founded by Hungarian construction companies, from which larger and smaller companies can get a knowledge transfer, the continuous improvement of the quality of their activities and the allocation of common resources, etc. for both benefit.
  • A long-term strategic goal is to manage for the clustered companies to work  on the financial disadvantages comparing already clustered companies, multinationals.
  • Common resource and capacity management.
  • Creating Acquisition Associations.
  • Generate and catalyze local projects and innovation.
  • Business co-operation for the expansion of Hungarian enterprises abroad.
  • To become an applicant candidate for tenders, to access domestic resources.

" Mutually cooperating companies, specialized suppliers, providers, related industries and their related institutions (universities, agencies, professional associations), geographic concentration of a particular subject / area, their similarities and their complementary characteristics connect them together." – Michael Porter