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A Charity Evening was supported by the KÉSZ Group partner, the MTB Group

2015. February 24.

A charity evening was held in Budapest at the József Attila Cultural Center in Angyalföld for a cumulatively damaged 9 years old girl’s surgery in Austria with a missing of almost 1 million forints. Patron of the event "The Power of Love" and one of his lecturers was Prof. Dr. Bagdy Emőke, Prima Primissima Prize winner psychologist, anchorman was Joshi Bharat, and and its sponsor was MTB Group, a partner of the KÉSZ Group. In the charity night, a big part of the money needed was collected.

The 9 years old Szintia Szikszai after her birth suffered twice of a cradle-death, which caused that three quarters of brain cells has been damaged, therefore, she can not speak nor walk, in addition, she suffers from severe epilepsy as a consequence of the resulting oxygen deficiency. Stem cell implantation in Vienna could greatly improve her condition, it could give her a chance to learn to speak and walk, and would stop epilepsy.

The charity evening was organized by MTB GROUP, which provides work-, fire-, environmental- and property protection services, and is a member of the Hungarian Innovative Building Open Cluster (MIÉNK). It is not far from them that social responsibility, the trademark is of the company's employees' vocation to the profession, their main purpose is to protect human life in all circumstances. Thanks to this, they found reliable partners in this pursuit at such companies as KÉSZ Group, LEGO or HOLCIM.

"Our heart is to preserve health, whether it is for work safety or serious illness. We wholeheartedly support Sinti, who - like all of our fellow humans - has the right to a complete, healthy, happy life." - emphasized Ákos Széles as the founder of MTB Group.

We encourage all cluster members to support similar initiatives. Let's get together for good business!